Beautiful Cinderella Horse Carriage With Crown


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Cinderella Horse Carriages Manufacturer India

Beautiful Cinderella Horse Carriage With Crown

DSTEXPORTS are best manufacturer and exporter of all wedding Cinderella horse-drawn carriage such as Beauty Queen Wedding Cinderella, Buggy, Pumpkin Style Wedding Cinderella Horse Carriage, Horse Drawn Wedding Cinderella Carriage, Luxury Wedding Golden Cinderella Carriage, Princess Wedding Horse Carriage, Pony Small Cinderella Carriage, Royal Gold Cinderella Horse Carriage Buggy, White English Cinderella Horse Carriage, Bridal Cinderella Horse Carriage Buggy, Cinderella Carriage For Church Wedding, Flower Cinderella Horse Buggy, etc. We also supplied Horse Carriage Decorations and accessories such as horse costume, horse belts, carriages lamps etc so please feel free to contact us and give us chance to serve you the best. These carriages are available as two-seaters, three-seaters, four-seater, five-seaters, depending on the clients' requirement. This Cinderella carriage is used in the wedding for bridal and groom entry.

Beautiful Cinderella Horse Carriage With Crown- This a Latest Design Cinderella Horse Carriage. This carriage is designed by very skillful and professional worker. This carriage is used for bridal entry. This carriage design is very weatherproof and long life-size. It looks beautiful and attractive. These carriages are totally handmade, hand carving and very strong for long life. Chase or body of a carriage is made of metal steel fabrication. Excel Shafts are metal steel and fitted with bearings. Steering is very soft moving like power Steering of cars and made of wood and steel. Wheels are wooden with steel rims with rubber. Top body is made of brass metal, deco painted. Seats are very beautifully furnished with leather foam and crystals.